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KidloLand makes learning & reading easy, so kids fall in love with learning from an early age. It is an award-winning app designed by teachers and learning experts and provides a safe space for kids to learn & grow.

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KidloLand+ Apps

A bundle of 26+ apps for your kid's
all-round development

Story World App Story World

A collection of over 250 classic kids' tales, fables & stories that help kids develop imagination, listening skills & concentration.

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Coloring-Club App Coloring Club

Discover 700+ exciting coloring games with vivid themes to help kids learn drawing & coloring while improving their creativity, hand-eye coordination, and focus.

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Coding App Icon Coding Preschool

The easiest and most fun way to learn the very basics of coding! 50+ exciting games like firefighting, popping balloons, and more makes learning enjoyable.

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Math App Icon Math Preschool

Makes learning math a child's play! 350+ math games teach kids aged 4 to 6 to count, add, subtract & more with fun games like sorting & categorizing, puzzles, and matching the patterns.

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 KidloLand+ Apps

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What makes KidloLand+ the perfect
learning partner for kids?

Features Generic Kids Apps KidloLand+
Offline Access

Colorful Characters

Interactive Graphics

Read and Sing along with Characters

Listen to Stories

Age-specific Content

5000+ Games, Songs and Stories

Kid Safe and Kid Friendly Content

Addition Of New Content Regularly

Created By Teachers & Learning Experts

Awards & Accolades

Parental Lock

Build Real World Skills

The best way to begin your
kid's learning journey

KidloLand+ lets kids interact with characters on screen as they play.

KidloLand+ features age-specific content to make learning as easy as possible for kids of different ages. Preschool games like puzzles, sorting, shadow matching, and joining the dots make learning fun while building crucial skills.

Age specific content on KidloLand

Your child’s learning partner

We have designed age-specific content for your kids. Our range of games will prepare your Kids for the future. Watch your little genius complete puzzles and unlock all the levels of sorting, shadow matching, joining the dots, and more!

KidloLand ABC Games


Activities like tracing, matching & sorting make learning alphabets simple and joyful.

KidloLand Drawing Games

Learn to Draw

Boosts creativity & imagination while teaching kids to draw animals, vehicles, objects, and more.

KidloLand life skill games

Life Skills

Teaches kids basic life skills like brushing, bathing, potty training, and household chores with interactive games.

KidloLand Learn Numbers


Unlike traditional methods, various songs and play games make learning math easy and uncomplicated.

KidloLand Fruits and Vegetables Games

Fruits & vegetables

Amusing characters make learning the names of fruits and vegetables simple through entertaining games.

KidloLand Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

Helps kids learn and remember different animal sounds

KidloLand Story Games


Boosts imagination, concentration & listening skills in kids from an early age.

kidloLand Vehicle Games


Kids can fly planes, ride boats and cars and set off on their own adventures.

Check out the complete list of games and bonuses in KidloLand+

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Why mom bloggers all over the world love KidloLand+

Recommended by Mom Blogger

"To say they have a wide range of content on the app is an understatement. They have so much on there for ages from 1 to 8 years old. I’m excited to watch Eliza grow and learn with it!"



Recommended by Mom Blogger

"This app takes up 100% of the allowed daily screen time, whether it is playing the popping game, singing along or reading bedtime stories as a family. Really love this app."



Recommended by Mom Blogger

"Justine and Margaret love playing and learning with this app, they don’t have normally lots of screen time, but with this app they can stay for a while and give mama some quite and rest time! It’s a win win!"

Mum of 3 Girls


Why Choose KidloLand+

KidloLand+ makes learning easy for children by ditching the outdated traditional way of learning in favor of proven scientific methods that boosts problem-solving skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and memory retention in the shortest possible time.

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